offending cis people for justice

me: sophi
gender: kitty, trans, woman, null
pronouns: purr/purrs/purrself | she/hers/herself
also acceptable: voi/void/voidself | nil/null/nullself

i'm a kitty. i hate cis people. get over it. i'm a terrible person :3 and a good kitty. besides. i don't even exist. i'm just an imaginary friend.

"but why do you hate cis people? how can you just hate them for being cis?!" you ask.
because we live in a cissexist and transphobic society and even the cis people who think they're allies still end up being cissexist and transphobic. and it would do them good to check themselves instead of crying to me about not loving them.

"so you DO just hate cis people for being cis!!!" you say.
uhm. not individually no. i usually don't hate a cis person just for being cis. cis people as a social class.... yeah they're kinda the ones who made and maintain a society that's exclusively built to cater to their needs and assumptions. but if you're gonna make any statement about cis people into a statement about you as a cis person. than yeah i probably do hate you for being a cissexist and transphobic cis person.

"so you hate cis gays and lesbians then?! i bet you do you're such a monster!" you insist.
well... cis gays and lesbians have been throwing trans people under the bus at just about every turn in order to advance their fight for equality and assimilation into mainstream society.... which is shitty and i dislike them for that shit. also cis lesbians have been excluding trans women from queer women's spaces for a long time now... so there's that....

asks with ableist/disableist slurs will just be ignored/blocked. at least try to be creative if you're gonna send anon hate.

Ask me anything

valentines day advertisements make cis heterosexuality look really creepy and gross. it’s like i don’t care if you’re cishets. but can you stop forcing it down our throats in such a creepy manner. “if you buy her this she will totally have sex with you.” and then the white cishet women on a morning news show talking about how all women want to be “taken in the bedroom” in reference to the fifty shades of grey movie….

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